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Three piece construction.
Shaft Taper: Constant
Shaft Material: 100% North American Grade AA maple Shaft Ferrule Material: Elforyn
Tip: Triangle
Joint Collar: Black Acrylic
Butt Plate: Black Delrin Acetal
Joint: 5/16-14 Schuler Joint
Finish: UV
Wood Types: Highly Figured Birds Eye Maple, Ebony
Inlays: Four point Ebony with white Micharta
compound caps
Four White spear inlays
Eight White Spear inlays
Trim rings: Black, White
Lazar Engraving Available

Limited Warranty


Four point ebony, highly figured birds eye maple, black acrylic joint, ebony after wrap, eight white inlays, black and white trim tings, 29" long joint, two constant shafts, natural finish.


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