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CB6 Carom

CB6 Carom 3 Cushion

Two piece construction.
Shaft Taper: Constant
Shaft Material: 100% North American Grade AA maple Shaft Ferrule Material: Elforyn
Tip: Triangle
Joint Collar: Black Acrylic
Butt Plate: Black Delrin Acetal
Joint: 5/16-14 Schuler Joint
Finish: UV
Wood Types: Highly Figured Birds Eye Maple
Inlays: Four point Ebony with white Micharta
compound caps
Trim rings: Two Black with 8 White Dashes
Lazar Engraving Available

Limited Warranty


Four point ebony with compound inlays, highly figured birds maple fore arm and handle , black acrylic joint, black and white trim rings two constant shafts with triangle tips, Natural stain.


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