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 Schuler Custom Sneaky Pete. 421g 14.8 oz butt
2 Constant Shafts 116 g  4.1oz and 123g 4.3oz
Schuler Sneaky Pete Custom Cue
Sneaky Pete

The Schuler Sneaky Pete pool cue stick delivers a softer more consistent hit with less cue ball deflection. The purpose of the Sneaky Pete design is to own a cue that looks like a house cue, but performs at the highest level a cue can perform. The unique hidden Schuler joint and ferrule design allow for maximum performance with minimum effort, and the butt splice design increases amplification of stroke while diminishing warp age. This cue has simple rosewood to natural maple wood, but is crafted with a much more elaborate process; Schuler Cue uses proprietary joint and shaft technology to produce a superior playing cue. The Sneaky Pete is an effective cue with a clear-cut design that will have you concentrating on improving your game.


Custom Sneaky Pete


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